Yield Token With A Real Business Case Based On Proof-Of-Stake Consensus.


Amount Raised $7640


About Us?

Pi Finance is a long term digital yield token with a real business case based on Proof-Of-Stake consensus. It is decentralized and powered by the BEP-20 (Binance Smart Chain) protocol. Pi Finance is a utility token whose function is to act as a payment method for all the services offered by the company. Pi Finance's business case is based on creating its own ecosystem: an exchange, multi wallet and Blockchain (PFC-20).


Business Case

Pi Finance ecosystem has been designed to integrate and expand its services across the globe, without restrictions and limitations. These services directly integrate with the PFN to drive its values based on the growth of the ecosystem.



  Exchange [Coming  Soon..]

The aim is to develop a very easy-to-use interface, suitable for all types of investors to trade or swap cryptocurrency with one click.



Pi Finance Chain (PFC-20)

our biggest goal is to create our own chain and continue to place Other projects there. All new projects are checked through our sensitive testphase and then integrated in our. blockchain/or ecosystem. We want to unite all defi and other token projects in our ecosystem in order to build a better, secure blockchain.


  Multi Wallet

Wallet will be capable of managing all of your assets in one wallet. Our Wallet will support more than 100 coins like BTC, ETH, BNB, TRX, LTC, DOGE E.T.C issued by public chains, and over 30,000 token base on them.



Pi Finance, present a business case with a completely new vision of cryptocurrencies, the main objective being to create an ecosystem where the user and investor can access our services across the globe, without restrictions and limitations, and a token that is easily accessible and economical for everyone.


Why Trust PFN

Pi Finance is Community Yield Token with a real business case carefully crafted to be self-sustained to ensure 100% satisfaction.




PFN will play a very powerful role within our ecosystem services, Our exchange, blockchain and multi wallet, PFN will be used as the main currency to power our ecosystem services.



Staking Protocol

Pi Finance digitally rewards token holders using it’s unique Proof-of Stake yield algorithm, that enables token holders to stake their token and increase their investment.




5% of ecosystem fees will be used for providing liquidity on exchange. The token we get by providing liquidity, will be burned.



Buy-back & Burning

This will help PFN when the price drops, maintaining the price for the moment and burning all the bought tokens.



Limited supply

PFN will be limited in supply with only 60 million tokens, with less than 21 million circulating and will be reduced constantly.




All blockchains are secure and BSC’s latest algorithm renders (PFN) even more secure than ever before.




Pi Finance blockchain will be one of the world’s fastest blockchain. With Every block mined in just 5 seconds.




Team members’ tokens remain locked for a period of 2 year after Sales. Distribution of these tokens will then be released quarterly at a 17% rate over a period of 2 years.



Stage 2 Sale is live now


4,500,000 PFN to be sold!


During stage 2-Sale, get up to 35% bonus for your purchases


Token Distribution

 Distribution of Tokens will take place after ICO end. You will be able to withdraw the purchased Pi Finance Tokens on an BEP-20 compatible wallet set in the account settings.
Referral bonuses and discount2%
Bounty and airdrop6%
Public sale30%

Token Details

NamePi Finance
Token Tracker


Max Supply



Sept 1, 2022- Oct 1, 2022
Tokens to sell: 4,500,000 PFN

Status; Ongoing

Currencies AcceptedBTC, ETH, BNB, XLM, TRX, USDT
 Hard cap$1,500,000

Sale Bonuses: Get up to  35%

Only 4,500,000 PFN will be issued
during Stage 2 Sale.

Stage 1


Stage 2

Up to 35% Bonus 

Stage 3

Coming Soon

Stage 4

Coming Soon



Q1 2021

* Creation of the idea of Pi Finance

Q2 2021

* Project development

* Planning and selection of the team professional blockchain and web full stack developer

* Analysis of Tokenomics.

Q3 2021

 * Set-up marketing

* Contact and secure deals with promoters and influencers

Q4 2021

* Hiring of Team Members

* Create all social media accounts

Q1 2022

* Promote giveaways and host them with large promoters

* Expand and build community

Q2 2022



* Prepare of airdrops giveaways

Q3 2022

* Launch token on BINANCE SMART CHAIN

* Before Launch Expand and plan marketing campaign before the official pre-sale start to ensure promoters are ready for the launch

Q4 2022

* Preparations of development of our exchange

* Form long-term partnerships and close deals with larger promoters

* Partnerships Worldwide

Q1 2023

* Distribution of PFN to investors

* Launching of PFN staking pool

*Listing PFN on pancakeswap

* Community reaches 50k members

* Listing PFN IN top 50 exchange

Q2 2023

* Launching of Our exchange

* Preparations and developing exchange android and los app

Q3 2023

* Beta test of our exchange android and los app

*Launching of our exchange android and los app

Q4 2023

* Start connection and integrate the PFN Ecosystem in our own new builded Blockchain

* Partnership with many organizations

* Community reaches 100k members

* Listing PFN IN top 10 exchange

Q1 2024

* Preparation for Our multiple wallet app both android and Ios

Q2 2024

* Launch of our Pi Finance chain (PFC-20)

* BetaTestnet  of Our multiple Wallet

Q4 2024

* Launch Of Our multiple Wallet



Cryptocurrency, sometimes called crypto-currency or crypto, is any form of currency that exists digitally or virtually and uses cryptography to secure transactions. Cryptocurrencies don’t have a central issuing or regulating authority, instead using a decentralized system to record transactions and issue new units.

Pi Finance (PFN) is a BSC-based (BEP-20) token that is hosted on the Binance Smart Chain blockchain. We have plans to migrate from BSC to our own smart chain PFC-20 in the near future. Visit our whitepaper for details.

Investors will be able to start staking PFN on our exchange one month after official launch.

Pi Finance will get listed on pancakeswap immediately after ICO ends. We will list PFN on top 15 exchanges one month after pancakeswap listing, And Many more top exchanges will follow.

PFN will be listed on pancakeswap starting at a price of $1/token.

Our Exchange will go live immediately after our first exchange listing and our Blockchain and Multi Wallet will follow as indicated on our road map.


Our Team

Mbakoh Nelson


Awanda Linus

Head of support

Chinfon Marie

support/social marketing manager

Daniel Milto

Graphics And Web Developer